COLLABORATION for mission international 
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This Secretariat is one step towards answering the call of the XXIst General Chapter. This call was also signalled to us in other gatherings such as BIS review (2004); Mendes – Conference of Marist Laity; the General Conference in Sri Lanka and its affirmation of Asia – Mission Ad Gentes and previous General Chapters


Brother Emili in his March 2011 letter to Provincials and District Superiors recalled some of the proposals for action of the XXI General Chapter:

  • To establish international and interprovincial communities which will be open to Marist Brothers and Lay Marists and serve in the vanguard of new areas of mission.
  • To strengthen the further development of Mission Ad Gentes in Asia, and open it out to other areas where a need is discerned.
  • To establish a Marist volunteer service in support of our mission, whose members are available to work in our ministries in need or to be mobilized for emergencies.

A further objective has since been formulated: the develop the mindset of all lay and brother Marists to think more internationally and interculturally. 

This fourth dimension has been bought to life with Br Emili’s “Letter to all Marists of Champagnat” with the title: “To the Ends of the Earth” published 2nd January 2013.

Cmi joins four other secretariats of the General Council: Mission; Laity; Brothers (known as ‘Brothers Today’); Solidarity (operating as FMSI)

The action word in the name of the secretariat is collaboration – with other secretariats, provinces, districts, brother and lay Marists throughout the world.

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